PageStream Releases

PageStream beta Pro Amiga-OS4-PPC
Dated 2006-06-19 - 13.1 mb

Recorded changes to &
(.2 was short lived because of text formatting bug
+ When loading document and importing vector graphics, a more careful of
examiniation is made of the styletags looking for duplicate styles to be
deleted. This was made specificially because of an old bug that created
documents with large number of duplicated colors.
+ When the rulers are displayed in the document window, each page guide will
have a corrisponding page guide ruler mark displayed on the inside edge of
the ruler. They are small, but you can click anywhere near to grab and move
the page guides visually, and if you drag them back to the ruler origin
(where the horizontal and vertical rulers meet) the guide will be deleted.
+ Added line/fill button to Drop Cap, Bulleted, and Numbered paragraph format
so you can now define a different color/line/fill than the text color.
Added DROPCAP, BULLET & NUMBERED parameters to the script commands:
+ Added script command to return data from a variable.
** varvalue = GETVARIABLEVALUE [STYLEVAR document:...-varname]
+ Added script command to return position and page of a figure mark.
** GETFIGUREMARK [POSITION &coord/.X.Y] [PAGEPATH &pagepath] [OBJECTID &objectid]
** [DOCUMENT document | WINDOW document-window] [MARKID markid]
+ Script command InsertFigure depreciated for InsertFigureMark.
** figure# = INSERTFIGUREMARK [NAME name][TYPE type | TYPEID typeid]
** [DOCUMENT document | WINDOW document~window]
+ Script command DeleteFigure depreciated for DeleteFigureMark.
** [DOCUMENT document | WINDOW document-window] [MARKID markid]
+ Years now stored in signed format for those creating calenders in BC years.
Hey, we are customer driven...
+ Font substitution can now be opened to edit the default, or current document,
font substitution table.
+ Save as PDF should no longer crash when trying to save with Flate compression
when the filter is not installed.
+ WINDOWS: The Windows printer driver has been (over)optimized for output to
bitmap printers. It does a few things that it should not, but if generally
speaking this printer driver is better (faster!) than the previous one I can
fix those things. Let me know either way!
+ AMIGA: Popup and list gadgets should not constantly refresh in palettes now.
+ AMIGA: You can now type tab in your text and it won't activate gadgets in the
window border.
+ AMIGA: Window scroll arrows now work.
+ AMIGA: Buttons are now spaced across the bottom of the screen and equal sized.
+ AMIGA: File->System Prefs->Screen now displays MUI Prefs for PageStream.
+ AMIGA: Window resize should work better now.
+ AMIGA: Several gadget types will no longer resize taking up space they don't need.
However, that means at least for now that the buttons at the bottom of a requester
are undersized.
+ AMIGA: Font substitution (and several other requesters) finally display something!

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