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PageStream Demo Windows
Dated 2010-10-11 - 19 mb

Recorded changes to - October 11th, 2010
+ Added Editor preferences option for selecting the python library and api version when PageStream is unable to find the python library automatically or if selecting an older version is required.
+ New Dutch, French and German localizations. Thanks Theo!
+ Added 3 configurable strings in Generate Index dialog. Uses same codes for entering special characters as find/replace text so string can include tabs (/t), new lines (/n) or new paragraphs (/p).
+ After Topic: Defaults to <tab>
+ Between Numbers: Defaults to <comma><space> (this differs from the previous built in string of just a comma.)
+ Before XRef: Defaults to <period><space>. (this is a new string that did not exist before now.)
+ Fixed PDF and PostScript output of clipped objects. Broken in last release.
+ Added support for drawing a dot where a zero length line with rounded caps is drawn.
+ Fixed copy/export of external image. This was reported in, but this is an "original" bug. Only saving of documents dealt with this properly.
+ Changed document's and object's module references from fixed buffer to unlimited length.
+ Changed document's and object's external file references from fixed buffer to unlimited length.
+ Fixed copy/cut object changing default object module.
+ Fixed output of hyphen to PDF or PostScript when only hyphen output is a soft hyphen.
+ Fixed PostScript output of CMYK colorized images.
+ Fixed PDF output of CMYK colorized images.
+ Changed SETMDISTATE pref item name to SETAPPFRAMESTATE to avoid older versions from stomping on the new correct data. (Older versions saved the wrong data, so if you run an older version it will erase your current pref data for SETMDISTATE).
+ Fixed output of stroked text attributes like stroke width to PDF.
+ Added support for lists in layers and scripts palette to not resize based on the size of the contents. It now just lets the layer/script name get truncated.
+ Fixed missing script keyboard shortcuts. Bug introduced in last release or so.
+ Amiga: Fixed listviews to not crash when updated before containing requester is opened.
+ Amiga: Changed the way text codes are scanned to work around compiler error.
+ Linux: Changed file permissions in archive to "world read/execute". This will make it easier for folks who tend to mix between root and user modes.
+ Linux64: Fixed selection of printer in Print Setup
+ Linux64: Fixed copy to clipboard


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