PageStream Releases

PageStream Linux-PPC
Dated 2006-02-28 - 14 mb

<P>+ AMIGA: PostScript printer driver now includes proper PAR:,SER:,Device output<BR>
  methods, plus Include EOF checkmark.<BR>
+ AMIGA: PostScript printer driver won't ask twice if you are
sure you want to <BR>
  overwrite a file.<BR>
+ AMIGA: Hidden objects now hide properly.<BR>
+ AMIGA/LINUX PPC: Path structures are now properly padded to
long alignment.<BR>
+ Fixed bug in GetDefaultPageSizes & GetPathPoints that would
not return the full<BR>
  data, and would cause double frees.<BR>
so that<BR>
  they can be returned as a list instead of a dict in python.
The return result<BR>
  still contains the count. However, any older Arexx script that
relies on this<BR>
  stem variable will need to be updated.</P>

<P>+ When executing external python scripts, PageStream now adds
the script path<BR>
  to the sys.path list so included scripts can be stored in the
same folder as<BR>
  the executed python script.<BR>
+ LINUX: Fixed some window decorations would cause initial document
window to be black.<BR>
+ Moon phase translations added to (American(8), British(8),)
  Francais(8), Italiano(8), Nederlands(8), Espanol(8), Esperanto(8),
  Deutsch(8), Portuguese(4), Cestina(8)<BR>
+ AMIGA: Fixed attachment of General Prefs.<BR>
+ AMIGA: Fixed Line&Fill, print and other tabbed groups.<BR>
+ AMIGA: Added Clipboard support.<BR>
+ LINUX: Really, paste bug fixed!<BR>
+ AMIGA: Preferences, Line&Fill and other complex requesters
+ WINDOWS: Added support for odd DIB clipboard format for pasting
  captures in Windows XP.<BR>
+ Icons labels in Preferences->Toolbox are placed with the
proper group now.<BR>
+ WINDOWS: Icon labels in Preferences->Toolbox should now display.<BR>
+ WINDOWS: Edit palette should properly switch between displays
fixing bug<BR>
  introduced in<BR>
+ Removed bug that limited INSERT text commands to be cut off
at 512 bytes per<BR>
+ Numerous new scripts commands added for creating requesters
and getting user<BR>
  responses. shows a few methods.<BR>
    ** path = GetFolderPath(type[Filters|Engines|Effects|Printers|Special|Colors|<BR>
    **                    CharacterSets|Libraries|SoftLogik|Application|Module|Home|Preferences|Temporary])<BR>
    ** rsch = AlertRequester(ALERTTYPE[ERROR|WARNING|NOTE|QUESTION],msg,buttons)<BR>
    ** coord = GetCoordFromString(string, defaultmeasurementtype)<BR>
    ** string = GetUIStringFromCoord(coord, MEASUREMENT_TYPE)<BR>
    ** string = GetCmdStringFromCoord(coord, MEASUREMENT_TYPE)<BR>
    ** rsch = OpenResource(rootname)<BR>
    ** CloseResource(rsch)<BR>
    ** rsch = GetResourceString(rsch, tableid, stringid)<BR>
    ** reqh = CreateRequester(rsch, reqid)<BR>
    ** FreeRequester(reqh)<BR>
    ** DoRequester(reqh)<BR>
    ** listh = CreateList()<BR>
    ** FreeList(listh)<BR>
    ** nodeh = AppendListString(listh, string)<BR>
    ** nodeh = PrependListString(listh, string)<BR>
    ** data = GetControlAttr(reqh, ctrlid, attr[STRING,LIST,NUMBER,CURRENT,MIN,MAX,NUMCHARS,STATE,MIXEDSTATE])<BR>
    ** languagelist = CreateLanguageEngineList()<BR>
    ** FreeLanguageEngineList(languagelist)<BR>
    ** formatedstring = DoLanguageEngineFormatDate(languagelist,
languagename, formatstr, year, month, day)<BR>
    ** localizedstring = DoLanguageEngineLocalizeString(languagelist,
languagename, string)<BR>
    **  where string can be: NewMoon,WaxingCrescent,FirstQuarter,WaxingGibbous,FullMoon,WaningGibbous,LastQuarter,WaningCrescent<BR>
    **    January,February,March,April,May,June,July,August,September,October,November,December,<BR>
    **    January4,February4,March4,April4,May4,June4,July4,August4,September4,October4,November4,December4,<BR>
    **    January3,February3,March3,April3,May3,June3,July3,August3,September3,October3,November3,December3,<BR>
    **    Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday<BR>
    **    Sunday3,Monday3,Tuesday3,Wednesday3,Thursday3,Friday3,Saturday3<BR>
    **    Sunday2,Monday2,Tuesday2,Wednesday2,Thursday2,Friday2,Saturday2<BR>
    **    ...more to come, for requests just ask!<BR>
+ Now saves output type (grayscale/color/spot/processs etc) with
the document.<BR>
+ Restored the tab palette arrows for the ruler.<BR>

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