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2018-04-25 19:06:31 CT #1
Lawrence F. Keller
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Sad that Pagestream for AmigaOS is not updated to 4.1. Best computer program I have used in my 50 years of university research and teaching. But there may be no market for an update though I would buy it immediately for my 1000.

Hope all is well with you and talk to all later.

On 25-Apr-18 4:15 PM, [PageStreamSupport] wrote:

Well, the original email that I sent to the list eventually was bounced back to me as undeliverable. It is only the post I make on the web interface at the yahoo groups website that come through.

PageStream for Amiga OS4 has been available, but I must add that I have not had a working installation of OS4 in a very long time. I have had various reports back from people about this and that not working. Usually it falls down to an update of the OS they installed. Most folks are using the 68k version, but that is more prone to intermittent problems because of changes to the emulator. This is just from my memory.


On 4/24/18 3:47 PM, Justin Webb [PageStreamSupport] wrote:

Just a check, is PageStream for Amiga OS 4 still available?
On 04/23/2018, you wrote:

Looks like messages are not getting through. I tried emailing and nothing came through, verifying reports sent to me. I am now trying to post this via the yahoo groups website. If this goes through, then that is the only way to send messages. Otherwise, it seems Oath (the new owners of Yahoo) have things to work on...


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