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2013-05-23 07:50:45 CT #1
Deron Kazmaier
From: United States
Registered: 2006-01-29
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Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I am _way_ behind on my
emails, but I will get to them in the next week. If not, please just ask

Just got home, and I'm trying to get all of my source code changes for
PageStream off my laptop and moved to the various computers for
compiling. The new versions that should be coming in a week or so are:
Mac, Windows, Linux and MorphOS. Another stab at an Amiga 68k version
will be following.

The hold up now is that I have moved everything to a centralized source
code server with a remote backup, which is a good thing (For example,
finally no longer have to remember which files got updated and make sure
changes on Windows to fix bug xx get copied back to the other computers
etc). So I have to update each of the platforms. Mac and MorphOS are
done, except I have encountered an annoying bug on MorphOS (and possibly
other Amiga variants since it has to do with Samba file system and
ixemul). I also have to push all of my side projects to the server(s),
but at least 99% of PageStream is on the server(s). Just need to put the
translations out there.

I have talked to a couple folks about Bill and Aladdin4d, and once I get
all of this caught up I'll try and write up a response. Airing publicly
a private matter is not my style, but enough is enough. Good news is I
have more time for PageStream Smile


Deron Kazmaier -
Grasshopper LLC Publishing -
DTP for Amiga, Linux, Macintosh, and Windows

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