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2013-11-07 16:28:34 CT #1
Michael Merkel
From: Germany
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PageStream Support wrote on 23.05.2013
about <[PageStreamAmigaBeta] Catching up!> the following:

hi deron.

that was backl in may...almost 6 month ago...

> Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I am _way_ behind on my
> emails, but I will get to them in the next week. If not, please just
> ask again!
> Just got home, and I'm trying to get all of my source code changes for
> PageStream off my laptop and moved to the various computers for
> compiling. The new versions that should be coming in a week or so are:
> Mac, Windows, Linux and MorphOS. Another stab at an Amiga 68k version
> will be following.
> The hold up now is that I have moved everything to a centralized source
> code server with a remote backup, which is a good thing (For example,
> finally no longer have to remember which files got updated and make
> sure changes on Windows to fix bug xx get copied back to the other
> computers etc). So I have to update each of the platforms. Mac and
> MorphOS are done, except I have encountered an annoying bug on MorphOS
> (and possibly other Amiga variants since it has to do with Samba file
> system and ixemul). I also have to push all of my side projects to the
> server(s), but at least 99% of PageStream is on the server(s). Just
> need to put the translations out there.
> I have talked to a couple folks about Bill and Aladdin4d, and once I
> get all of this caught up I'll try and write up a response. Airing
> publicly a private matter is not my style, but enough is enough. Good
> news is I have more time for PageStream Smile

any news on:
- pagestream development (especially the amiga versions)
- the "bill" topic
- anything else?

i more and more get the impression that our beloved pagestream finally
r.i.p. Sad

kind regards...
Michael Merkel (MiMe@IRC)
Member of

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