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2002-10-03 00:47:58 CT #1
From: Unknown
Registered: 2001-04-21
Posts: 29


I had no problem downloading the PSHelpSystem file from the grasshopper

As I was having a look at the "To do" list in the readme file, and seeing
things like,

"...drawing a text column with the text tool (click and drag)"

left me scratching my head when I remembered that I switched back to 4.0 on
my Mac because of some screwy behavior from 4.1. I never did see much of
4.1, and since I had work to do I simply returned to 4.0 figuring that I'd
wait for the next patch. I deleted all traces of 4.1 in case there might
be a problem running both versions on the same partition.

But I do have another partition running OS 9.2.2 on this machine, so I'll
install 4.1 over there. I usually don't boot from that partition so it's
relatively free of extraneous extensions and the like; maybe 4.1 will work
better there, or maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention the first time
which has been known to happen...

Regarding which section of the manual to work on, it really doesn't matter
to me as long as it's something that existed in PS 4.0 or before. How
about assigning me some of the stuff you mentioned in an email:

"...documentation or proofing. I also have 42 email messages containing
either notes about missing/erroneous documentation or grammar errors."

Cleaning up the references in those 42 emails will probably help you feel
like things are getting done! And anyway, that's about my speed at this


2002-10-04 11:51:15 CT #2
Deron Kazmaier
From: United States
Registered: 2006-01-29
Posts: 4639

>Regarding which section of the manual to work on, it really doesn't matter
>to me as long as it's something that existed in PS 4.0 or before. How
>about assigning me some of the stuff you mentioned in an email:
>"...documentation or proofing. I also have 42 email messages containing
>either notes about missing/erroneous documentation or grammar errors."
>Cleaning up the references in those 42 emails will probably help you feel
>like things are getting done! And anyway, that's about my speed at this

OK. I'll collect them together and sort them and see what I've got.

I've sorted them out, and a few of the emails I put into the manual (just
as is, but documented where for later editing, specifically layers, mail
merge, and a couple other odds and ends) and here is what is left. If you
want to weed through them, figure out which section(s) they pertain to, and
ask to "edit" the files, you are welcome (not so sure this isn't harder
than documenting, since the proof comments are based on pages in the PDF)


Henry G Belot <>
* pg. 87. References to "Tabel" of Contents in paragraph beginning
"To create a Table of Contents" and the following paragraph.
* Same page. In the last paragraph before the heading "Creating an
Index:" the text should read "affecting your document" not "effecting."
* pg. 88. First paragraph has two references to "crossrefence" and
the last line refers to a "Gadged."
* Same page and following: The sentences that are in the format "The
____ dialog box will appear..." are in the serif font instead of
the sans serif.
* pg. 90. "download it forr future use."
* pg. 91. Formatting problems in the side note.
Page 5 under FONT SUBSTITUTION, third line is an extra line feed

Page 8 under REVISION HISTORY Sentence is "Select Keep History. The" the
line ends without finishing.

Page 9 in the graphic at the top of the page item G is not set properly on
the page.

Page 9 bottom of the page the item called previous page, the font size is

Page 11 There appears be an extra line in line with the top line

Page 11 in the graphic the item labeled "hanging indent" font size is wrong

Page 13 bottom the justification is a bit funky

Page 15 under item 2, end of first line the "t" is missing from "Hold down

Page 17 under Import Text the justification is a bit funky

Page 18 next to the last line there needs to be the word "the" before the
word text so it reads "the inseretion point in (the) text....

Page 20 the line pointer is into the text " click to go to ANY page"

Page 21 first bulleted item second line is not aligned

Page 26 item min,Max end of the first line is missing the hyphen

Page 26 bottom the text frame is set to opaque and thus covers over part of
the page number

Page 28 hyphen missing from section "Maximum memory in use" for word
GEN(erate) on 3rd line from top

Page 28 Text Editor Script first line (and) and (the) run together

Page 28 Picture Editor Script first line end of line missing the hyphen

Page 29 Under mode, 4th line missing hyphen end of line

Page 29 Under Mode last lie (will)(be) run together

Page 29 Display DPI line 1 missing end of line hyphen

Page 33 Under Create Guidelines, "If value shown" should be "If (the)

Page 42 under item 3 why is a "time" necessary to load an image. Perhaps
needs rewording?

Page 49 item one has an extra (.) ending the line "click on Open.(.)

Page 51 in sidebar second line (change)(the) run together

Page 69 in the graphic right side bar is missing the rest of the text at
the bottom of the sidebar

Page 72 in the top, left sidebar is missing start of word in second line

Page 78 second paragraph next to bottom line the word (lengths) is

Page 81 in left-side graphic there is a line through the word "guides"

Page 85 in the paragraph " To set up) 5th line and 6th lie the word
(paragraph) is misspelled.

Page 86 Top paragraph 3rd and forth line the word "crossreference" is

Page 87 second item #3, second line, the word "format" is misspelled

Page 88 bottom paragraph, 4th line the word "aligned" is misspelled

Page 89 sidebar 3rd line from bottom (most)(used) is run together

Page 98 top side bar the arrow is misplaced

Page 98 item 4 is missig a linefeed before it

Page 99 the rest of item 4 appears without a title,perhaps an ophan issue?

Page 103 in item "Previous Line" under "Press This" line not lined up

Page 106 last word has an extra character at the end

Page 116 top of graphic item G needs a line feed before it

Page 17 top of page "Character" has an extra "r" at end

Page 120 last paragraph first line the word (Define) is misspelled

Page 122 2nd bulleted item first line has extra spacing in it

Page 143 lotsa extra white space in text lines

Page 149 the word "squares is underneath the 3rd set of grapics on the
left side.

Page 149 last row of graphics run into the text row above

Page 155 under item "Control Shift" the font size is wrong

Page 156 the spacig between the 2nd and 3rd graphic is too close making it
difficult to read the 2 descriptions

Page 160 top sidebar, 3rd to bottom line, (may)(normally) run together

Page 161 item "I" font size wrong

Page 167 bottom middle graphic last word runs into 3rd graphic

Page 172 2nd paragraph next to last line end of lie (and)(Shift) run

Page 172 Last paragraph 3rd from bottom third line (hold)(Option) run

PAge 174 rotated

Page 175 rotated

Page 178 missing graphic

Page 179 missing picture for bottom right text

Page 180 appears to be missig object(s)

Page 189 missing pictures

Page 190 missing picture for bottom sidebar

Page 191 missing pictures

Page 192 missing illustrations

Page 193 Under "Filling Composite Paths" next to bottom text line

Page 195 missing graphics

Page 200 under "creat or edit" alignment problem

Page 202 extra character at the end of the words SYSTEM in the Pantone

Page 215 under "gray balance patch" alignment problem

"Theo Zweers" <>
Deron on page 107 in the pdf, page 97 in the release 3 book, there is a
wrong ALT code for the en-dash, it should be 0150.
Also the characters in the pdf file for florin, ellipsis, dagger, dagger
double and trademark are missing!
But did you ever did this in PageStream, I mean ALT + ####. At least I get
different characters. For instance ALT + 150 - watch the missing zero -
gives me an "ù", who is, according to the insert Special Character,
composed with ALT + 0249. When I type ALT + 0150 then it will give me an "ÿ".
All the characters with ALT + 128 untill 159 gives me an ÿ. From 160 it
gives me correct characters.
So the €,, till , ž, Ÿ are missing for PageStream. (As I want to
send this, Windows complains that has not the normal characterset in this
email, so I send this in unicode)
Hmmm, there are also different results when I forget the fist zero in
Windows with the ALT + ###.
Also you need to extend the list for composing characters on page 228 and
further on with ALT, with something like this: Hold down the ALT key when
typing the 4 digit code and then release the ALT key. The leading zeros
can't be omitted.
Lots of characters are missing in the table .

Deron Kazmaier <> Re: Capitalize Chapter # Insert
> The only options are upper case or lower case. However, you can use a
> script command to capatilize. To do this, just insert the page number
> in long mode. Create a new script which has the line "SETCASE
> CAPITALIZED", hilight the page number, and run the script! You can do
> this for any variable.

Deron Kazmaier <> Re:
>Anyway, I installed latest Amiga version of PageStream (V4.1.3.4) and have
>some questions about it:
>- I'm wondering - are there keyboard shortcuts for resizing fonts?
>Currently I only know of key-shortcuts for font spacing (CTRL + [ or ])
>but not resizing? And are there any key-shortcuts for font vertical spacing?
Yes, there are. In fact just fixed a bug in Windows version that was
causing the others to not work (but you say you are on the Amiga, which
should be fine).
In case you can't get to it in the manual.
control > type size larger
control-alt > type size larger by 1pt
control < type size smaller
control-alt < type size smaller by 1pt
control / insert indent mark
control \ leading looser by 5
control-alt \ leading looser by 1
control ; leading tighter by 5
control-alt ; leading tighter by 1
control = insert non-breaking hyphen
control - insert soft hyphen
control space insert non-breaking space
control } type width larger by 5%
control-alt } type width larger by 1%
control { type width smaller by 5%
control-alt { type width smaller by 1%
control ] track looser by 5
control-alt ] track looser by 1
control [ track tighter by 5
control [ track tighter by 1
For tracking: If instead of range of text selected, the cursor is between
two character, effects manual kerning instead.

OBJECT - paths drawing
Peter Martin <>
page 153 - The first drawing - Shows two segments with three points. It
calls the third point a ‘point handle'?

page 155 - I find some confusion on this page.
- At the end of the paragraph numbered "1", the action of
the mouse button should be mentioned.
- ‘Press and hold the mouse button' should be repeated after
the first
sentence in paragraph numbered "2".
- In paragraph numbered "2", the third drawing - the
associated text
is erroneous. Releasing the mouse button ends the curve handle, and
pressing the button ends the segment.
- In part numbered "3" the second paragraph is incomplete. What
actually happens is that the (alt) key works as described (here, and in
part 1) if a curved segment is continuing from a straight segment. If a
curved segment is continuing from another curved segment the (alt) key
action creates a corner joint. If either type of segment is added to an
existing segment (the drawing action is interrupted by the ESC key and
then restarted), the (alt) key does nothing at all.

Some time reading isn't good enough, one has to play with the features
to find the mistakes. - Oh well!

Anthony Cooke <>
Page 117 there is an excess `R` in the heading

Page 131 and 132 The `autokerned` example "CYAN" in the margin is not
actually kerned!

Pages 191 and 192 the illustrated examples are blank in my PDF reader - might
be a problem with using Linux PDF reader - any one else having the same

OBJECT - pictures
Geoffrey Gass <> RE:Using Mask Graphic for Text Fill
Using the Object/Mask/Mask Graphic function in PageStream is a convenient
way to create colorful patterned or textured fill for text. But the other
day, a greeting card with two such fills (a total of 8 characters in
108-point type) that should have been a 600k file, ballooned out to
nearly 4 megs in size.

The fill graphics were JPEG images. They seemed harmless enough --
the biggest was 129k. The texts were positioned over suitable areas of
each, and Mask Graphic was invoked to provide the fill for the letters.

Problem: What happened?

First, a JPEG image when placed in PageStream is decompressed into
a standard bitmap format. In one case, the compression had been around
15:1 -- the image in PageStream amounted to some 1.9 megabytes.

Second, the masking process in PageStream does not delete any part of
the image, it just makes some parts invisible.

As it happened, one of the original JPEG's was 720 x 900 pixels, of which
only 720 x 360 were actually used for letter-fill -- the other 720 x 540
x 3 bytes were just masked out. The same was true of the other fill image.

Solution: To void surprises in file size and processing time:

1. With JPEG's to be used as text fill, first bring them into BME to
evaluate their actual bitmap size. This will give an idea of their
effect on file size and processing time.

2. For any graphic to be used for text fill, use the Crop function in
BME to delete any portion of the graphic that will not be used for fill.
Cropping actually deletes part of the image file. Save the cropped
image in a standard bitmap format (TIFF, IFF, &c), rather than saving
in JPEG, which may degrade the image.

3. If the file size still looks excessive, consider reduction from
24-bit to a smaller color range. For text fill, 256 or even 16 colors
may be adequate in many cases.

In the problem at hand, these measures brought the file size down to a
manageable 450k -- a better than 8-1 improvement.

Not sure if these have a place in the PageStream manual, but they get asked
pretty often:

Michael Czajka <> RE: Printing from Amithlon
Tried editing Devs/nsdpatch.cfg and putting the line below into it
(anywhere is OK) and
it works.
DEVICE parallel.device UNIT 0 MAPTODEVICE powerpar.device MAPTOUNIT 0
Then use Par:

"hornpipe101" <> RE: hyperCOM3 board output
The HyperPAR.device is seen as a file by Pagestream and any output from
Pagestream will overwrite it. Do as I did with the Amithlon which does not
provide PAR:
Download Port-Handler by Stephan Rupprecht from the Aminet and copy it to
L: directory. Make a new mount file in DevsVery HappyOSdrivers called HyperPAR (or
whatever you want) containing the following info:
EHandler = LRazzort-handler
Stacksize = 1024
Priority = 5
Device = HyperPAR.device
Unit = 0
Baud = 0
You can then specify HyperPAR: as a device in Pagestream and print
directly to any Pagestream supported printer.
As a matter of interest the above should be available with the HyperCom3
software in the Goodies directory. The Aminet PortHandler is a later
version of that available with the HyperCom3.
Make sure that you still have the correct HyperPAR.device in devs: as
Pagestream may have overwritten it.
Copy the file HC3PAR and its info file into Devs: Dosdrivers directory
Copy file port-handler to L: directory
Go to Shell , type in assign and then Enter
You should see HC3PAR listed under Devices.
Fire up Pagestream and in Printer setup menu select the Pagestream printer
you wish to use..
In the "Send to" box select "Device" and in the next box type HC3PAR: (do
not forget the colon otherwise you will produce a file called HC3PAR)
You should now be able to print.

"Johnny C. Kitchens" <> Re: Mailing PDF from YAM and
getting corrupted
To fix the problem, goto YAM's configuration, goto MIME, on the
right you will see "Attachment type". Put "application/pdf" in there. In
"Extension" put "pdf". In "Viewer" put "[PROGRAMPATH]/Apdf "%s" and you will
have no more problems sending...

PageStream (and BME) Commands

I think I found an error in the BME commands help file. Looking up how
getpicture works, I see this in the help file:
Queries BME to find if a picture is open.
getpicture <name>
NAME/s The picture name. Default=current.
ARexx Errors:
Returns 10 to RC if the picture is not open.
ARexx Examples:
getpicture 'pagestream:graphics/mygraphic.ilbm'
if rc~=0 then say 'Picture is open.'
else say 'Picture is not open!'
If getpicture returns a 10 in RC if the picture is not open, then why
is the example (and SendtoBME.rexx) looking for a 0 in RC to indicate
the picure not open?
Which is correct? 10 or 0?
According to experimentation on my part, it seems that 10 is the
correct answer here. (I've been wondering why SendtoBME.rexx didn't
update PageStream with my finished artwork...) Hmmm... actually, my
experimentation (using commandline rexx, and then a script) seems to
break execution of the script when it returns a 10. i.e. when I have
'temp:pics/3balls.iff' open in BME, the following errors out with 10:
rx "options results;address BME getpicture 'temp:pics/foo';say rc"
but the following quietly replies with 0:
rx "options results;address BME getpicture 'temp:pics/3balls.iff';say rc"
After further playing, I see (as I should have to start) that this is
dependant on failat level. (I was at failat 10...) What failat level
does PGS set when executing a script?

Deron Kazmaier -
Grasshopper LLC Publishing -
DTP for Amiga, Macintosh, and Windows

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