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2002-10-23 11:40:18 CT #1
Deron Kazmaier
From: United States
Registered: 2006-01-29
Posts: 4639

Hi Folks,

I just started uploading the latest PageStream4.1 help files.

I'm still working on integrating changes to the 3 last files listed in the

table of contents
table of figures
reshaping.html *** new version 10/5/02 ***
rewrite reshaping tables
add screen shots
newslabels.html *** new version 10/3/02 ***
New shots of Imposition panel, Signature, Repeating, and Mail
Merge panel
Document signature printing
Document repeat printing
Document mail merge printing (random discusions added)
*** this one might need to be broken into seperate sections. We
will have to see how big they become.

I should have these files updated later this week, and will reupload the
archive then. If you want, go ahead and wait until then to download it.

I will still need to update the rest of the help. Specifically credits, and
the pagestream commands sections. Can anyone else think of sections that
need updating?

Otherwise, I would like feedback on general layout (does everything sit
where you think it should), general content (is anything missing, not
detailed enough, common questions that need added?) and of course any
errors in the text.


Deron Kazmaier -
Grasshopper LLC Publishing -
DTP for Amiga, Macintosh, and Windows

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