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2003-01-20 23:14:38 CT #1
Deron Kazmaier
From: United States
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>Hi Deron:
>Some more.
>- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
>*** Paragraph Attributes/Tabs ***
>I've been playing with Tabs to try and understand this section, and have
>several observations.
>- The default tabs don't show in the Tabs dialog box - would be nice.

OK. I'll put it on the wishlist.

>- The Tabs dialog box is used to enter a tab in a frameless text object.
>Then later the text is highlighted and the Tabs dialog box is selected,
>the existing tab doesn't show.

Works ok here!

>*** Paragraph Attributes/Indents/To indent text to the insertion point:
>I'm completely unable to understand what this paragraph is about. I've
>played with Ctrl / and been unable to get it to do anything. "Indent
>Here control" I don't know what this is? Farther on it's called Indent
>Here command. Oh! I found it, it's in the scripts menu. I've never used
>anything from the scripts menu. An Index would sure be nice now. At the
>very least there should be a link to where this command is described.

Create a multiline paragraph, place the cursor say 1/2" or so from the
start on the first line, and choose Indent Here. It should cause the rest
of the paragraph to have a left margin at the same offset from the left
edge as were you put the command.

It is actually a keyboard command, but I put a short cut in the script menu
for those who might not ever read the manual Smile

Once you figure out how it works, then you can provide better input! I've
rewritten this some though to try and make it more understandable.

>*** Paragraph Attributes/Paragraph Type/To make a hanging indent with a
>number: ***
>It mentions the "Indent Here command" again, and now I've discovered
>that it should be inserted at the beginning of a paragraph.
>Following this paragraph is "The Hanging Indent Toolbar Button" with its
>icon. I have no idea why it's shown here as it is not
>described/mentioned here?

Moved to previous paragraph where it is talked about (not sure it needs to
be here at all since it is just the previous section that talks about it.

>*** Paragraph Attributes/Paragraph Rules ***
>I have no idea what a Paragraph Rule is. All my exposure to desktop
>publishing has been 15 yrs with PageStream. I looked in the old manuals
>and can't find any reference to it, so I tried it, low and behold it
>placed a line above the paragraph. If that's what a paragraph rule does,
>then maybe it should be mention in brackets in the first paragraph, or

OK, I stuck the word "line" in there!

>*** Paragraph Attributes/Auto Hyphenation ***
>I don't think this section should be called "Auto Hyphenation" I think
>it should be just 'Hyphenation'?

True. Done.

>*** Paragraph Attributes/Auto Hyphenation/To change hyphenation for
>every occurrence of a word: ***
>"Choose Hyphenation from the Define submenu of the Edit menu to display
>the Edit Hyphenation dialog box." Looking at the image directly above,
>this sentence must be talking about the Define Hyphenation dialog box?

True. Changed.

>*** Paragraph and Character Styles/Introduction/Understanding styles ***
>- 5th paragraph -
>"Type styles applied to text before being formatted with a style will be
>The words "styles" and "style" are talking about different things in the
>same sentence. I suggest different word be selected the replace "styles"
>such as 'attributes'.


>- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
>Peter Martin

Deron Kazmaier -
Grasshopper LLC Publishing -
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