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2020-07-05 14:47:33 CT #1
Frank Swygert
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I can't get the program to run! I upgraded to Mint 18.3 LTS in 2017 and tried to get it running briefly back then. I had been running it for several years on Mint 14, and had difficulty getting it running then, but have lost any notes I may have had. Found a question I'd posed here on editing the bashrc script, but that didn't help. I'm not a Linux expert by any means, but can follow instructions and edit scripts and such. I was thinking about upgrading to the latest LTS release, but wanted to get PageStream up and running first. None of the recommendations in the help files or instructions do anything. I get nothing from the script that "should work with no system changes" and can't even run it from the directory in terminal or the file manager. IIRC it was something with permissions or locations that caused my problem years ago, but I've no idea now.

The main executable is titled PageStream5. In the file manager, I checked properties and it states it's an executable file. Permissions give the owner and group read and write access, and the execute box is checked. I should be able to right-click on it and select "open" to run, correct? If I right-click and select "open as administrator" I get the message "The item you selected cannot be open with administrator powers because the correct application cannot be determined".

2020-07-14 06:32:57 CT #2
Deron Kazmaier
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On 7/5/20 10:00 PM, f_swygert <> wrote:
I can't get the program to run!

Sorry for the delay.

The first order of business is to try running PageStream from the shell. You should see the error printed out when you try and run it, which will give us a clue as to how to proceed! Most likely you need to install some missing libraries, and it will tell you what it needs.


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