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2024-05-21 01:34:01 CT #1
Steven Meloche
From: United States
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For one item from my previous observations (I was on vacation and the discussion was already closed when I got back and looked for replies, sorry.):

> With regard to the ligature issue. I presume you have tweaked, where necessary the Auto Kerning
> to whatever extent and thus the auto/manual ligature options within the Kerning dialog requester
> of PageStream to switch off any issue you arer having with the Arial font?
> That said, I am not having any noticeable issue with the Arial font of the type you have mentioned,
> but switching off the ligature will surely prevent this issue from happening when you need it to?!

I have never played with or tweaked the Auto Kerning since it has always performed well with the fonts I have used over the years. But I did try to manually fix the problem in the past, but it did not seem to be something I had the power to adjust. I tried again today, but with no success. Maybe I don't understand what requestor you are talking about. I see two places that seem to have to do with my problem, but neither actually fixes my problem.

First, in the "Edit" menu on 5.1.2, and under the sub entry "define", there is an entry for "Ligatures" and one for "Kerning pairs". The Ligatures requestor shows 12 different definitions, including the one for "s t", but none of the entries are editable, deletable, or disable-able. The Kerning pairs requestor starts empty, and if I try to use it to add a pair and a value, when I click "done" nothing is saved.

In the Preferences requestor, in the "Type" section, If I select "Edit" in the Attributes box, I see that "Auto Kerning" is on in the Kerning requestor, but "Auto Ligatures" is set to off. I tried changing each of these and the auto ligature of "st" in Arial did not change, nor did the utility of the aformentioned "define" menu items. If there is somewhere else I need to make a change, please let me know what it is. Thanks. Smile

Here is the entire attributes setup that is my default (I don't think that I have never changed it):

Paragraph:, Character:, Face:Arial, Type Style:, Size:12pt, Width:100%, Rotate:0°, Baseline:0pt, Alignment:Left, FlushZone:0", Tracking:Normal 0% Range-10% 0% 20% 80% 100% 130% Stretch95% 100% 105%, Leading:120%Relative Maintain Off Baseline 80%TRelative, Paragraph Leading:NoneNone0.315pt, Margins:0",0", FirstLine:0", MinLength:0.5", Keep:None, DropCap:Off, Bullet:Off, Numbered:Off, RuleBefore:Off, RuleAfter:Off, Hyphenation:Off, Kerning:On, HangingPunc:Off, OpticalAlign:Off, Ligatures:Off, Direction:Right, Language:American, Tabs:

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