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2010-02-01 02:06:35 CT #1
Michael Wilkins
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Over the past few weeks I have been in email contact with Deron
regarding print problems to my industry standard (non postscript ) Canon
Laser printer (Japanese domestic model : LBP 1610 A4 ~ A3).
My system : Mac Pro OS X 10.5.8 9 gig RAM

The crux of the problem was that PGS 5.05.1a would on the very first
startup (no previous PGS prefs on my Mac Pro) indeed find and identify
the correct PPD file for my Canon model but subsequent re-starts of this
release of PGS resulted in the PPD file no longer showing up and
therefore printing problems.
There is every reason to believe that this incidence of PGS "forgetting"
the correct PPD for my Canon laser could be happening to those with
other laser brands.
Deron emailed me a new "Postscript.prt " file to replace in this release
Since replacing the Postscript.prt file my printing problems have gone
away but I might add that there may have also been a problem with a
handmade Adobe OpenType font that I need to use in my work. I changed
this to TrueType.
You can email Deron for the "Postscript.prt" file
If anyone does indeed email Deron for the file and installs it then I
recommend first going to . .
rs/Library/Application Support/Pagestream5/ and delete
"Pagestream5.prefs" as a precaution.You will then have to input your
"Product Code and name " but a small price to pay for reliable printing.
To access PGS innards and replace the file:
Highlight PGS then Option + Right mouse button - select "Show Package
Contents" from the popup menu.
The "Postscript.prt" file lives in : PageStream/ Resources/
I presume that this new "Postscript.prt" file will be included in the
next release.
The squeaky wheel does indeed get the grease.
My thanks to Deron for this.

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